Love create war, I got wounds&scars
<script type= I've been in and out of personalities,What do you want from me? What you get is what you see No, I dont sugar coat for anyone or anything. So please,dont temp me I've seen enough to know whats going on I never called it love, no, but fucking you was fun Im sure you know by now, that I am not the one That you could always count on,5T4S
therapist: do you feel loved by anyone?
me: drake

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I love this so muchx


I love this so muchx

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noslend said: do you have instagram ? :o <3 your really cute by the way :x i've told you this a while back LOL c:

Yes im sorry it took like five years to reply. it didnt show my msgs thru mobile tumblr


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buying clothes that aren’t black is hard

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